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Friday, 29 May 2009 23:00

This site is the home for Roekkr of Nordrassil and Merek/Mnementh of Spirestone's World of Warcraft videos. There is also a small collection of randomly collected video clips in the Miscellaneous section.  If you see one of your videos in there and wish to have it removed for some reason please contact me.  I DO NOT take credit for anything in that section UNLESS otherwise noted. All works there belong to their respective authors. If you have any questions or suggestions use the Contact link in the upper right corner to leave feedback.  Thanks and enjoy the Site!!



UPDATE 7-26-11:
As you might have noticed, no updates really happened in the last year.  I still have some old videos from Wrath of the Lich King that I want to finish and plan to do so.  I haven't done any raiding in Cata though and have actually not played much at all in the last 4 months.  However I'm still going to be adding game videos, but I'm shifting gears a bit due to playing other games more.


So what to expect in the future?  Well, potentially some Eve footage since a couple friends and myself have started playing it casually again.  There's not really much that would be interesting right now though so that's doubtful.  I've been playing some BFBC2 though and planning on BF3 when it comes out so I'm making some plans to do a little in game video for those.  Also, Star Wars the Old Republic Online is coming at the end of the year.  I will definitely be making videos for this!!


UPDATE 8-29-10:
Well, it's been a while since any videos have come out.  I've been busy with other stuff and actually took a fairly extended break from WoW.  However I plan to get back into doing some videos.  I've also added a video for the 350Z Summer's End Run that I went on August 14th.  It's in the Miscellaneous section for now.  If I end up with more videos I may make a separate section on the site for them.


Merek & Mnementh have been semi-retired.  However, the videos will keep coming because Roekkr the Troll Rogue is now filming videos for Nullref which is the Horde version of void.  Keep an eye out.


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Sunday, 29 August 2010 02:06

Summer's End Run


Here's a video of the ZONC sponsored Summer's End Run on August 14th 2010.  We started in Petaluma, CA and went all the way up to Ft. Bragg and then back down the coast and through the redwoods.  I know the video is not the best quality, and the person holding the camera was pretty shaky.  However, considering this came off a Motorola Droid smart phone I'm pretty impressed with how it turned out.  As usual recommend right-click/save-as but you can try just clicking the link and "streaming" it if you want.



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Sunday, 31 May 2009 16:36

Here is void's first kill ever of Felmyst.  Not only is it our first kill, it has the distinction of being the only "first kill" vid I've managed to capture.  Unfortunately the "high res" version came out at 840x524 instead of 1680x1050 because I'd been doing some testing with FRAPs and accidentally left it set to "half-size".  This is also the last video I got around to capturing in TBC.  I had planned to redo Felmyst and add in bits of this first kill vid but it didn't work out, partly because it took us weeks to kill her again.


This video has also been dedicated to the memory of Jeff "Frag" Peil.  It is the last video I have with him in it.  Frag was a definite loss for us both in game and for those that knew him in real life.


High Quality

Low Quality

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Sunday, 31 May 2009 16:26

Here is one of our first two druid tank kills of Brutallus.  He fell over right as the enrage timer hit 0:00.  This was taken during the few days when we were trying to figure out what happened to Frag our Main Tank who was MIA.


High Quality

Low Quality